Yoga in English

Most of our teachers speak english and can give you a few instructions so you can follow the class even it is in hungarian.
From November 2020 we started a morning class fully in english, kati teaches Yoga in English on Tuesdays 09:00-10:30.
Join and practice with us, it is not problem if you are a beginner!

An inward journey based on traditional Hatha yoga, with ayurvedic elements, customized for the 21st century lifestyle. 

In this class we not only stretch, tone and strengthen, but also focus on the deeper realms of Yoga, but in a clearcut, everyday language, so that the practices can be applied to your daily schedule with ease and joy. Hand in hand with the well-known asanas, you can learn simple methods to mobilize your joints, use proper muscle work, cleanse your glands and energy pathways, massage and restore internal organs, activate your power center and such. The by-product is that you feel refreshed, fit and ready to go on, no matter what the weather forecast or the star constellations predict. It is essentially a beginner-friendly, relaxed type of session, but advanced yogis will also make progress as there are always new dimensions to explore in the body, mind and spirit.  The overall purpose is to tune in with your true self to find and understand what keeps your heart pumping.

Regular classes: Yoga in ENGLISH every Tuesday 09:00-10:30 in NemcsakJóga Mozgásstúdió with Kati Strahl.

Registration is required! You have to register online here, or in email: info@nemcsakjoga.hu

We are also available for private classes in english, individually or in small groups. Please contact for an offer.